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An intense reckoning with the trauma that violence has inflicted on a wartime generation of Ukrainians“

Locarno Review: "Deeply emotional psycho-drama“

Unpacking Trauma: „This film is essential viewing

Stories That Need to Be Told 

Interview with the Filmmakers

Interview with the Filmmaker Elwira Niewiera

Filmkritiken auf Deutsch

Reality and cinema belong together

Extraordinary documentary film

In the film and on stage, the many cross-connections, the wishes and worries of the people, the whole violence of the present become visible - like air pressed out of the lungs by a blow. And then the air comes back, and with it, the words and the stories, the theater and the cinema that make it possible to understand it all.


Hamlet is like a filter

„Hamlet Syndrome features high precision and empathy

„Multi-layered picture of the condition of Ukrainian society“

„With excellent cinematography, the film conveys the feeling of powerlessness, of horror.

„The cinematography by Piotr Rosolowski shows great talent…

TV-Beiträge auf Deutsch

„How Ukraine defends it's identity


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,,An intense documentary!

with Elwira Niewiera

Radio Eins: ,,An outstanding documentary film!

Recenzje w języku polskim

A remarkable portrait of Ukraine

Hamlet Syndrome is a reminder of what a terrible place the world can be - full of unmotivated violence and behaviour unworthy of human beings.

Tygodnik Powszechny: Interview with the Filmmakers

The Polish documentary filmmakers duo managed to capture an extraordinary, dramatic moment in history

onet KULTURA: Interview with the Filmmakers

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